TOMY offer

The main branch of our offer is trading with:


 food products,
 poppy seeds,  mustard,  other grains

trading with food products


trading with poppy seeds


Trading with mustard


Trading with other grains


 (wheat, corn,

rape, rye, oats)


fertilizers for any type of cultivation, feed for animals

trading of fertilizer

trading of feed


  • We specialize in the sale and transportation of food products and feeds.
  • The TOMY company is registered at Sanitary and Epidemically Station and District Veterinary Inspectorate.
  • The company food safety system has been certified with ISO 22000.


We are one of the biggest and fastest growing companies in the market of grain and fertilizers purchase and sale. Our experience enables us to recognize our customers’ needs and know what is important for them. Our offer is tailored especially to your needs.

The TOMY S.J. company has been continuously present on the market since 1995!




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Our certificate ISO 22000

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